The purpose of this global HR module is to apply knowledge from disciplines adjacent to HR and look at what progressive global employers and HR can—and should—do to create the future of HR and disrupt their current—now old paradigm—talent management thinking. Decades-old HR practices used by most companies are now quickly becoming defunct as progressive companies recognize that previous methods of recruitment, selection, and performance management (to name a few) no longer meet the needs of their employees. Progressive companies are now focusing on creating a meaningful employee experience and nurturing desired skill sets and redesigning their longstanding HR policies, practices and procedures. They do this by developing an HR stack that incorporates knowledge and frameworks from other management disciplines, including design thinking, agile management, behavioral economics, analytics and global-local thinking.

By Lisbeth Claus and Scott Baker

TypeGlobal HR Practitioner Handbook Module
VendorGlobal Immersion Press
Tags Volume 4
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